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How to remove and replace the warming drawer

Drawer Slides

The drawer slides allow you to fully extend the drawer for easier cleaning. If necessary, the drawer can be removed.
NOTE: Load capacity for the drawer is 100 lbs (45 kg).

To Remove:

Remove all items from inside the warming drawer, and allow the warming drawer to cool completely before attempting to remove the drawer.

1. Open drawer to its fully open position.

2. Locate the black tabs on both sides of the drawer.


3. Press the tab down on the right side of the drawer and lift tab up on the left side of the drawer at the same time. Then pull drawer out another inch to disengage latch.


4. Hold the drawer by the sides (not by the front). Pull it slowly all the way out.

To Replace:

1. Align the drawer rails with the receiving slides.


2. Push drawer in all the way.

3. Gently open and close the drawer to ensure it is seated properly on the slides.


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