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Coffee Maker Won't Brew or Short Brew

Coffee Maker Won't Brew

  • If you forget to add water,  the heater will reach end of brew cut-off temperature in less than 1 minute.
  • It will then enter warm keeping mode directly (as if consumer desired to extend warm keeping beyond 2 hours, or warm up a previously brewed pot of coffee).

This is normal operation.

  • Accidentally used “Auto - On” feature:
    • Until preset time is reached, the coffee maker will not brew unless this mode is over-ridden by  selecting the "ON" button.

Short Brew

  • Check to see if the 1-4 cup feature has been selected if you are brewing a full pot.
  • If the coffee maker has not been cleaned recently, descale to remove calcification.

If these suggestions did not help, please Contact Us or visit our Service Locator.


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