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KitchenAid Product Help

Error Codes

Some coffee makers have an LED display which may show an error code.

  • The error codes can mean different things depending upon which model you have.

For models that start with KCM5

Err1 - If the coffee maker is near an outside wall in a cold climate, or if the water is quite cold, this error may display.

  • Move the coffee maker to a warmer location or us slightly warmer water.

Err2  - An electrical component has been dislocated within the coffee maker.  There is no repair for this issue.

Err4 - Stuck button.

  • Press and release all buttons on the coffee maker.


Err1 - A button may be jammed.

  • Unplug the coffee maker and press each button several times.
  • Plug the coffee maker into a grounded 3-prong outlet.
  • If “Er1” appears again on the display, repeat this procedure.



  • If the brewing cycle does not complete within 15 minutes, the coffee maker will display an Err2.
  • This can occur if the heater is not working properly.


If the Error Code Number appearing on the display is:

"4" - It means Dry Boil [no water in the tank]  

Add water in the tank and resume brewing.

If any other error displays, press the ON/OFF button and try to reset.

If that does not resolve the issue, please Contact Us.



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