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Ice Maker Noises

Is the Ice Maker Making Noise?

Your Ice Maker does make different noises while it is producing ice, this is normal.  Below is a list of some of the noise it makes.

  • Water running from the evaporator plate to the water pan may make a splashing sound.
  • When you first start the ice maker, you may hear water running continuously. The ice maker is programmed to run a rinse cycle before it begins to make ice.
  • If the ice maker is connected to a water supply pressure in excess of 60 psi, you may hear a loud high pitched sound during water filling associated with the flow of water through the inlet valve. Call a licensed, qualified plumber to determine the best method to reduce the supply water pressure (50 psi is recommended).
  • When ice falls from the ice maker into the ice bucket, you may hear a banging noise. This noise is usually louder when the ice bucket is empty. 
  • During the ice making process you may hear the reservoir overflowing.  This overflow helps to purge minerals that were removed from the water. 


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