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Thumping or Rumbling Noises - Over-the-Range Microwave

Possible Solutions

Ensure the Turntable Support Roller Assembly is Operating Properly:

  1. Remove turntable.
  2. Remove and clean turntable support and rollers.
  3. Replace turntable support.
  4. Replace turntable.
  5. Place one cup (250 mL) of water on the turntable in a microwave-safe measuring cup; then restart microwave oven.
  6. Verify microwave oven operation.

Note: Replace turntable immediately after cleaning. Do not operate the microwave oven without the turntable in place.

Is the turntable properly installed and operating properly?

A thumping or rumbling sound may occur in the microwave oven if the turntable is not installed correctly or if the support roller assembly is not operating properly.

The turntable can rotate in either direction to help cook food more evenly. Do not operate the microwave oven without having the turntable in place.

CLICK HERE for more information on installing the microwave turntable

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