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Using the Defrost Feature

How to Use the Defrost Feature on your KitchenAid Microwave

Defrosting in your microwave is an easy task.  Follow the guide below to learn how to use this feature on your microwave. 

Custom Defrost

  1. Press DEFROST.
  2. Press the appropriate number keypad from the Defrost Chart to select the desired defrost option
  3. Press the number keypad to select the food option, weight and/or quantity.
  4. Press START to begin the cycle

Defrost Chart.png

NOTE: Custom options and quantity will vary by model number.  Check your Owner's Manual for specific custom options for your microwave. 

Manual Defrost

  1. Press DEFROST.
  2. Press the number “1” keypad to select the Manual setting.
  3. Press the number keypads to enter the desired defrost time.
  4. Press START UPPER.

Tips for Defrosting in the Microwave

  • Unwrap foods and remove lids (from fruit juice) before defrosting. Remove any metal twist-ties, and replace them with strings or elastic bands.
  • If food is foil wrapped, remove foil and place it in a suitable container.
  • Slit or pierce plastic pouches or packaging. Slit the skins, if any, of frozen food such as sausage.
  • Bend plastic pouches of food to ensure even defrosting.
  • Always underestimate defrosting time. If defrosted food is still icy in the center, return it to the microwave oven for more defrosting.
  • The length of defrosting time varies according to how solidly the food is frozen.
  • Shallow packages will defrost more quickly than deep blocks.
  • Separate food pieces as soon as possible during or at the end of a cycle for more even defrosting.
  • Foods left outside the freezer for more than 20 minutes or frozen ready-made food should not be defrosted using the Custom Defrost feature but should be defrosted manually.


If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page.