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KitchenAid Product Help

Cooking Methods

Cooking with Direct and Indirect Heat, KitchenAid Outdoor Grill 

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Using Direct Heat


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Cooking by direct heat means the food is placed on grill grates directly above lighted burners. Direct heat sears the food. Searing is a process that seals natural juices in food by cooking with intense heat for a short period of time. While juices stay inside, the outside is browned with a flavourful grilled coating.

  • Hood position can be up or down.
  • If hood is in the up position, total cooking times may be longer.

Using Indirect Heat

Cooking by indirect heat means the food is placed on the grill grate above an unheated burner, allowing heat from lighted burner(s) on either side to cook the food.

  • If possible, turn on 1 or 2 burners, depending on total number of burners.
    • Cook with the hood down.
    • This will shorten the cooking time.

Note: For best results, do not select the indirect heat cooking method when it is windy.


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