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KitchenAid Product Help

To Do During Grilling

Tips for properly grilling using KitchenAid outdoor grill 

Outdoor Grill Food Poisoning Hazard.jpg


  • Turn foods only once. Juices are lost when meat is turned several times.
  • Turn meat just when juices begin to appear on the surface.
  • Avoid puncturing or cutting the meats to test doneness.
    • This allows juices to escape.
  • It may be necessary to lower the heat setting for foods that cook a long time or are marinated or basted in a sugary sauce.
  • The degree of doneness is influenced by the type of meat, cut of meat (size, shape and thickness), heat setting selected, and length of time on the grill.
  • Cooking time will be longer with an open grill cover.


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