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Burner Flame is Noisy, Low or Erratic

Reasons for noisy, low or erratic burner flame

A normal burner flame should  blue.  Slight yellow tipping is normal for LP gas.  The flames should be approximately 1" high.  (2.5 cm)

Grill flame.jpg

Is the gas supply fully turned on?

Check that the 20 lb LP gas fuel tank valve is fully open.

Is the gas supply in the 20 lb LP fuel gas tank low?

Check the gas level.

Does only one burner appear low?

Check and clean the burner ports if clogged or dirty. See “General Cleaning” section of the Product Manual.

Is the gas supply hose bent or kinked?

Straighten the gas supply hose.

Is the flame noisy or lifting away from the burner?

Burner may be getting too much air. Check the air shutter adjustment, see “Check and Adjust Burners” section of the Product Manual.

Is the burner flame mostly yellow or orange?

Grill may be in an area that is too windy, or not receiving enough air. Check the burner air inlets for obstructions. Check the air shutter adjustment, see “Check and Adjust Burners” section of the Product Manual.

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