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Clean and Replace the Grease Filters in a Downdraft Vent Hood

Cleaning and Replacing the Grease Filters in a KitchenAid Downdraft Vent Hood:

It is important to frequently remove and clean the filters in the retractable section of the downdraft vent. This will improve the operating efficiency of the downdraft vent system.

Cleaning and Replacing the Grease Filter

IMPORTANT: Before washing, ensure all controls are off, and the vent hood and cooktop are cool. Always follow label instructions on cleaning products.

  1. Turn off the vent hood and cooktop before removing the filters.
  2. Remove each filter by pulling the spring release handle and then pulling down the filter. 
  3. Clean the filter in the sink or the dishwasher with warm water and detergent.

  1. Dry the clean filter(s) and reinstall, making sure that they lock into place.
  2. Reinstall the filter by making sure the spring release handles are toward the front. Insert metal grease filter into the upper track.
  3. Push up on the metal filter and release the handle to latch into place.
  4. Pull the spring release handle down.
  5. Follow the above procedure to replace grease filters.

NOTE: If the retractable downdraft vent does not operate after clean filters have been installed: 

  1. Push the filter in as far as it will go.
  2. When the filter is removed, the microswitch behind the filter is inactivated.
  3. This feature will not allow the vent system to operate until the filter is properly installed.

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