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Pop/Popping Noise in Oven - Commercial Range

Possible Solutions

Pop / Popping noise from the oven:

  • The heating and cooling of the porcelain and steel in the oven may result in popping/cracking noises coming from the oven. 

This is normal.


  • The gas valve is opening or cycling on and will make a single pop when it snaps open from the solenoid.
    • It sounds similar to a suction cup being pulled off of a piece of glass. 

This is normal.


  • Some models have a removable oven bottom.
    • Verify the oven bottom is securely in place before using the oven.
      • When the oven is cool: Position the front of the oven bottom panel toward the front frame, and then lower the rear of the oven bottom panel into the oven.
    • If the oven bottom is not installed correctly, an "oil canning" effect , may occur when the oven bottom is heated or cooled. 
      • "Oil Canning" is caused by the expansion or contraction of metal components.