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No - Gas and Dual Fuel Range

Possible Solutions

Has the range been recently installed or re-connected to the gas supply?

It is possible for air to be trapped in the gas line when the range has been recently installed or re-connected to the gas supply. Turn on any of the surface burners to release air from the gas lines. 

Is the unit power cord connected to a grounded, operational outlet?

Correct operation of surface burner and oven ignitors is dependent on the unit having a good ground path for the spark to travel to.


  • Verify the power cord is connected to a 120 Volt AC, grounded, operational outlet. 
  • Do not connect power cord with two(2) prong adapter or extension cord.
  • If you are unsure the outlet is grounded, operational, and is easily accessible, connect a known operating small appliance with similar power cord to the outlet to verify the outlet is operational. 
  • If power supply is not correct, or if you are unsure, contact a qualified electrician.

Is the main gas valve turned ON?

  • Verify the main gas valve is ON.
  • The shut off will, typically, be on the gas branch piping immediately after the piping comes thru the wall/floor.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Main Gas Valve.


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