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How to Correct Uneven Baking or Browning

What to do if you are Experiencing Uneven Baking or Browning

If you are not getting the desired baking results, there are some things you can do. For additional information on each of the topics below, please review the corresponding videos. 

Tips for Baking and Browning

  • Ensure the appliance is level. This will ensure the batter is being distributed evenly in the pan.
  • Don't open the door. Frequent door openings during cooking release oven heat and can result in longer cooking times. 
  • If your pie crusts are browning too quickly, try aluminum foil to cover the edge of the crust. 
  • Calibration might be needed. CLICK HERE to see if your oven temperature needs to be calibrated.

Allow to Preheat

If your baked goods are too brown on top but undercooked on the bottom, this could be caused by not allowing the oven to fully preheat. Not thoroughly preheating the oven can cause excessive top heat to the food and result in over-browning on top. 


Use the correct bakeware. Dark, dull pans absorb heat, resulting in darker browning. Shiny pans reflect heat, resulting in lighter browning.


Rack Position 

Try using a lower rack position if your baked goods are not cooked or brown on the bottom. Shiny and insulated pans may require additional time and/or be closer to the bake element.  

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