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Disconnects While Cooking - Wall Oven

Possible Solutions

Should the +Powered Attachment disconnect, a tone (different from the connection tone) will sound and the icon will disappear from the display.

Open the oven and extend the roll-out rack for powered attachments to disconnect the Base Pan and +Powered Attachment from the plug. Once removed, push the roll-out rack  in to reconnect the +Powered Attachment to the plug. Make sure the connection tone sounds and the icon reappears in the display. This can be done with any attachment that is in use (+Grill Attachment, +Baking Stone Attachment, +Steamer Attachment, etc.). 

Baking Stone

To gain easy access to the baking stone, the roll-out rack can be extended, for a short time.  Simply push the +Baking Stone Attachment fully back into the oven cavity (within 2 minutes) to continue the cycle.


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