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Empty and Refill Water Container - Wall Oven

Empty and Refill Water Container

This message will display before starting any steam cycle, as a reminder to empty and refill the water container.  

It is important to empty and replace the water container after each use to keep condensation from building up inside the oven.

Once Action is Completed

  1. Open the door
  2. Perform the action
  3. Close door and restart cycle or press the START button

To Remove the Water Container

The water container is located behind the oven door and is accessible once the oven door is opened.

Slowly lift and pull the water container out of its compartment toward you, keeping it horizontal to allow the remaining water to drain out of the valve seat.

To Replace the Water Container

With the water container filled, position it in the water container compartment, then push toward the back of the oven until it engages the contact point and is firmly seated in place.

NOTE:  Use only fresh tap water or still bottled water. Fill water container with tap water to the “MAX” mark.  Do not use distilled water, or other liquids, in the water container.


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