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Blender Coupler Worn or Broken

Blender couplers connect the base of the blender to the jar.

There are several different types used, depending upon the model blender.

Some models have a black "crown-shaped" piece that sits on the base of the blender.  

Other models have "recessed" couplers which means the protruding part is on the base of the blender jar, and the recessed portion is on the blender base.

Blender Coupler.jpgRecessed coupler.jpeg


  • Pushing down on the lid of the blender, or removing the jar from the base while it is still spinning can cause the "teeth" to come off. 
  • If you blend chunky items like frozen fruits or vegetables immediately at high speeds, it can also cause wear on the coupler.  
    • It is important to use the "pulse" button, if your model has one, to break up chunky items first, before progressing to the higher speeds.
      •  This results in a much smoother "smoothie" in less time, because it allows the items to fall down to the blender blade to be impacted.
    • Using a high speed initially causes the chunky items to float around in the middle of the jar and it takes longer to achieve a smooth consistency.

If your coupler has failed,  a KitchenAid®  Authorized Service facility can repair the blender, or sell the part(s).

If you have a recessed coupler, and either the top or bottom part is worn, it is important to replace both parts to prevent uneven wear.

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