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Blender Jar Leaking

Glass jar

For glass blender jar models with a "collar"  it is important to inspect the rubber gasket in the collar.


Glass Blender Jar.jpg

  • The gasket/sealing ring may be damaged, missing or up side down.
  • The gasket is ridged, and the flat sides should rest on the collar.
    • It's important to make sure the sealing ring is flat side down to prevent leaking.
  • If the jar does not seat fully on the base, the jar is not assembled correctly to the collar.
    • It is important to hear it "click" into place as you twist the jar into the collar.
    • Twist the pitcher past two slight "clicks" of resistance in the collar.

 The tabs on the collar may be in the wrong position and may need to be reseated.

Polycarbonate jar


Blender Jar.jpg


 If your glass blender jar is still leaking,  or if you have a leaking polycarbonate jar,   please Contact Us


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