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Diamond Blender Troubleshooting

Blender Troubleshooting


Blender does not operate when a setting is selected



Blender stops while blending



Blender Lights Flashing

CLICK HERE for information and troubleshooting on flashing lights for various models.

Blender Jar Difficult to Attach or Remove

If your blender jar has become suddenly difficult to attach or remove without great force, please Contact Us.


Oily Residue on Bottom of Jar

There are bearings in the blender that allow it to run smoothly and quietly.

It is normal that as the  blender is used,  you may see residual oil from the bearings on the bottom of the blender jar.

This oily residue can be wiped clean. It is more noticeable on clear blender jars.

If these suggestions did not help, please Contact Us or visit our Service Locator.