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Pro Line Blender FAQ's

Do KitchenAid Pro Line® blenders have a heating element that enables them to heat soups?

No.  The heat generated by the KitchenAid Pro Line® blender and competitive blenders with similar features does not come from a heating element, but rather from friction.

Can I make soup in the non-thermal jar model Pro Line® blender?

Yes.  You can make soup in either the regular or thermal jar models.  Friction, rather than a heating element, heats the soup.

  • The dual-walled thermal jar will be cooler to the touch and will retain the heat of the soup for a longer period of time.

Can I purchase a thermal jar for my model that came with a regular jar?

Yes.  The jars on the two Pro Line® blender models are interchangeable.  Additional jars are available for purchase.

Why do I need a tamper with the Pro Line® blender, and not with other KitchenAid models?

The Flex Edge tamper is not necessary for all recipes, but it is designed to work with the squared jar and blade for best results to push the ingredients down and scrape the sides simultaneously if needed.

Is it possible for the Flex Edge tamper to touch the blade?

The Flex Edge tamper is specifically designed to prevent it from coming in contact with the blender blade.

Flex Edge tamper diagram.jpg

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