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Tips for Best Blending Results

For Optimal Blending Results From KitchenAid Blender



  • Keep the lid on the Blender Jar while blending.


  • Do not remove the Blender Jar from the base while the Blender is running.
  • Press down on the lid while blending, as this can cause the coupler to become worn.
  • Stop the Blender and unplug before using utensils in the Blender Jar.
  • Do not use metal utensils -- they can scratch the jar or damage the blade.
  • Blenders are not suitable for beating egg whites, kneading yeast dough, or mashing potatoes.

Blending hot liquids

  • Remove the center ingredient cap before blending warm or hot liquids, and blend using the Low speed or Pulse setting.
  • Increase speed if necessary.
  • Cool hot foods, if possible, before blending.

Chopping dry ingredients

  •  Thorough blending usually requires only a few seconds of operation.
  •  Be careful not to over-process foods.
  •  When chopping dry ingredients, make sure the Blender Jar, lid, and blade are completely dry.

Crushing ice or frozen fruit

  • Ice can be crushed or shaved at any speed.
  • How much ice can be crushed at one time?
    • Process up to one standard ice cube tray or 12 to 14 standard ice cubes at a time. No liquid needs to be added for processing.
  •  Some blenders have an "Ice Crush" feature specifically for this purpose.
  •  With foods that tend to stick to the jar, use the Pulse feature. 

Amount of ice in beverage

  • Blend at a High-speed setting if you're making beverages using large amounts of ice.
  • For smaller quantities, use a Medium or Pulse setting.


  •  For multiple ingredient mixtures, start the blending process and the Low speed setting to combine the ingredients thoroughly, and then increase to a higher speed if necessary.
  • The ingredient cap can be removed and liquid or ice added to the Blender at a Low speed setting.
  • When operating the Blender at higher speeds, with a full jar, or with hot contents, stop the Blender before adding ingredients. 

Chunk free smoothies

  • For a chunk-free smoothie, use the "pulse" or "crush ice" buttons to break up the chunky items first, before progressing to the higher speeds.  This allows the chunky items to fall down to the blade to be impacted, which produces a smooth result in less time.
  • When using a high speed for smoothies, the ice or fruit does not fall down to the blade, but instead floats around in the middle, so it takes more time to obtain good results.

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