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Speed Control Guide - Diamond Blender

Speed Control Guide - Diamond Blender

The Blender pitcher ingredient cup can be used to measure and add ingredients. Remove cup and add ingredients at 1 Stir, 2 Chop, or 3 Mix speeds. When operating at higher speeds with a full pitcher or with hot contents, stop the Blender and add ingredients.

The Soft Start blending feature automatically starts the Blender at a lower speed to draw ingredients into the blades, then quickly increases to the selected speed for optimal performance. The Soft Start blending feature only works when a speed is selected and does not work with the Pulse mode or Crush Ice features.

Item Speed Item Speed
Blended ice drink Crush Ice, 5 Liquify Ice milk-based drink Crush Ice, 5 Liquify
Cheesecake 5 Liquify Meat salad for sandwich filling Pulse, 2 Chop
Chopped fruits Pulse, 2 Chop Mousse 5 Liquify
Chopped vegetables Pulse, 2 Chop Oatmeal 4 Puree
Cream cheese-based spread 1 Stir Pancake batter 3 Mix
Cream soup 1 Stir Pureed fruit/Baby food 4 Puree
Crushed/chopped ice Crush Ice Savory crumb topping Pulse, 2 Chop
Dip 1 Stir Pureed meat/Baby food meat 4 Puree
Finely chopped fresh fruits Crush Ice Pureed vegetables/Baby food vegetables 4 Puree
Finely chopped fresh vegetables Crush Ice Salad dressing 3 Mix
Fluffy gelatin for pie/desserts 5 Liquify Pesto 2 Chop
Frozen chopped fruit (defrost slightly until it can be probed with a knife tip) Crush Ice Frozen yogurt-based drink 5 Liquify Sherbet-based drink 1 Stir, 5 Liquify
Fruit juice from frozen concentrate 1 Stir, 3 Mix Smooth ricotta or cottage cheese 1 Stir, 3 Mix
Fruit-based drink (thin) Crush Ice, 5 Liquify Streusel topping 2 Chop
Fruit-based drink (thick) Crush Ice, 1 Stir Sweet crumb topping Pulse, 2 Chop
Fruit-based sauce 1 Stir Sweet crunch topping Pulse, 2 Chop
Grated hard cheese 5 Liquify Vegetable-based main dish sauce 1 Stir
Gravy 3 Mix Waffle batter 3 Mix
White sauce 1 Stir    

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