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Blender Turns Off or Stops Blending

Possible Solution

Is the Blender plugged into a grounded electrical outlet?

Plug the Blender into a grounded electrical outlet.

Is the fuse in the circuit to the Blender in working order?

If you have a circuit breaker box, make sure the circuit is closed. Try unplugging the Blender, then plug it back into a grounded electrical outlet.

Was the Blender on for more than 2 minutes? 

The Blender will automatically shut off after 2 minutes of continuous use to prevent damage to the blender and for safety precautions. If you need to continue using the blender turn off (or unplug), then being to use the blender again. 

Is the Blender jammed?

If Blender stops while blending: The Blender becomes overloaded or jammed when blending heavy ingredients. It will automatically shut off to prevent damage to the motor.

  1. Unplug the power cord.
  2. Remove the Blender Jar from the base and use a spatula to rearrange ingredients in the Blender Jar.
  3. If it’s overloaded, divide contents into smaller batches. For certain recipes, adding liquid to the Blender Jar may also reduce the load on the Blender.

Is the Personal Jar or Small Batch Jar being used?

If Blender stops while blending with Personal Jar or Small Batch Jar: If Blender stops, unplug the power cord. Remove the Personal Jar or Small Batch Jar from the base, and shake it a little bit. Place it back on the base, and then turn the Blender back on to continue regular use.


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