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Using KitchenAid High Performance Blender

How to Use High-Performance Blender


  1. To blend, put the items into the blender jar. Secure the Lid with the ingredient measuring cap.

  1. Plug the Blender into a grounded 3-prong outlet. Place the blender jar on the base, ensuring it is fully aligned on the jar pad.

NOTE: Do not fill the blender jar past the topmost measurement mark, especially when blending liquids.

  1. Flip the power switch to ON (I). The status indicator light will flash, indicating that the Blender is in Standby mode and ready to operate.

  1. Flip the START/STOP toggle switch up or down to start. The status indicator light will now be solid. Turn the control dial to your desired speed.
    CLICK HERE for more information on the blender function guide.

  1. Using the Tamper: Remove the ingredient-measuring cap only. Stir or press contents down towards the blade. When finished, replace the ingredient-measuring cap before resuming blending.

  1. The Pulse function may also be used on its own as a separate blending function while the Blender is in Standby mode.

  1. After blending, flip the START/STOP toggle switch up or down to stop. Unplug the Blender before removing the blender jar.

NOTE: Allow the Blender to come to a complete stop before removing the lid and pouring your blended ingredients.

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