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Torrent™ Blender Tips

KitchenAid Torrent™ Blender Tips

Using Blender

  • Stop the Blender before using utensils in the pitcher. Use a rubber spatula to mix ingredients only when the Blender is off. Never use any utensil, including spatulas, in the pitcher while the motor is running.
  • The Blender is capable of handling hot ingredients. Cool hot foods, if possible, before blending.
  • For best results, when blending hot food or liquids, do not fill the Blender pitcher to the top. Secure the lid, remove the center ingredient cap, and place a towel over the top.
  • The blender is not intended to be used as a heating device.

Using Magnetic Blending Feature

  • Be aware that the Blender jar and Blender base contain magnets that may attract other items. For example, the jar may attract adjacent metal utensils when placed on a countertop.
  • Metal items may also be attracted to the Blender base if the jar is not in place. However, the Blender will not run without the jar and lid in place.
  • Check that the jar bottom is free of small magnetic debris before each use. 


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