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Operating the Torrent™ Blender

Operating the KitchenAid Torrent™ Blender

Before Use

Before operating the blender, make sure the pitcher is properly locked into the Blender base. The Blender will not run if the pitcher and lid are not fully in place. If you pull the Blender out of the base before the Blender stops running, the blade brake will kick in to stop the blades, and the Blender will stop after a few seconds.

The Blender has four pre-set recipe programs: Icy Drinks/Smoothies, Milkshakes, Soups/ Sauces, and Juice. It also features Variable Speed and Pulse selections that allow you to customize your blending for any recipe you make.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Blender function guide.

Torrent Blender Preset Program Knob.JPG

Using the Blender

  1. Remove the pitcher from the Blender base to fill it with ingredients. Pull the pitcher release lever to help remove the pitcher. Grab the handle firmly, and pull the pitcher straight towards you to remove.

Remove the pitcher from the Blender.JPG

  1. Put ingredients in the pitcher. Add liquids first, then soft foods, then ice or frozen fruit last. Do not fill the pitcher beyond the max fill line - especially when using primarily liquids. Put the lid on the pitcher spout first, then push down on the side of the lid near the handle, ensuring that the lid is on straight. The Blender will not work without the lid in place.

Put ingredients in the pitcher_torrent blender.JPG

  1. Align the top of the pitcher to slide under the top of the base and slide the pitcher forward into the housing. Ensure that the pitcher goes in straight and is secured in place.

Align the top of the pitcher_toreent blender.JPG

  1. Ensure that the pitcher is fully in place by ensuring that the tab on the pitcher release handle sits between the two triangular notches on the base of the pitcher. You will hear a click when the pitcher is fully in place.
    NOTE: There should be a half-inch (1.27 cm) platform evenly visible around the pitcher when it’s fully locked in place.

Ensure that the pitcher is fully in place_torrent Blender.JPG

  1. Turn the selection knob to your desired pre-set program or variable speed selection.

Turn the selection knob to your desired program_torrent Blender.JPG

  1. Press the START/PAUSE button.

Press the STARTorPAUSE button_torrent Blender.JPG

  1. You may use the removable ingredient cap and removable funnel to add more ingredients to the pitcher while blending if needed. The cap includes convenient measuring indicators for precise measurement of added ingredients.

use the removable ingredient cap_torrent blender.JPG

  1. To use the Pulse feature, turn the dial to PULSE, then PRESS AND HOLD the START/PAUSE button for the desired length of time.

use the Pulse feature_torrent blender.JPG

  1. The Blender will automatically stop when programs are complete. The Blender will chime to signal the cycle is complete or Press the START/PAUSE button to stop the Blender manually.

Press the STARTorPAUSE to stop torrent blender.JPG

  1. Pull the release lever to help remove the pitcher after you have finished blending. Grab the handle firmly, and pull the pitcher straight towards you to remove.

release lever to help remove_torrent blender.JPG


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