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Torrent Blender FAQ's

KitchenAid Torrent Blender FAQ's

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Why Magnetic Drive?

  • The magnetic drive system was created to allow the user to slide the pitcher in and out of the base horizontally, similar to a coffee maker.
  • The magnetic drive system securely locks the pitcher in place during operation, and the unique design of the housing surrounds the pitcher as it operates.
  • This eliminates some of the hassles of traditional blenders – moving it out from underneath the cabinets, twisting the pitcher into place, and holding down the lid while it blends.

What kind of magnets? How do they work?

  • These are permanent magnets, not electromagnets. They are made of neodymium, iron, and boron (NdFeB).
  • There are 48 individual small magnets – 24 in the pitcher and 24 in the base. In each, they are arranged in a ring of magnets alternating positive and negative. So when the pitcher is properly aligned in the base, the magnets will “find” each other and a strong magnetic bond is formed – which transfers power from the motor into the pitcher.

Are the magnets in this blender safe?

  • As with all KitchenAid products, this magnetic drive blender has passed our high standards for product safety when used as intended and without tampering with the product. The magnets are not accessible and are completely contained within the unit.

Is it safe for pacemakers?

  • People with a pacemaker or similar medical device should use care when using the magnetic drive blender. 
  • As with any product containing magnets, the American Heart Association recommends that those with implantable pacemakers keep the blender and pitcher 12 inches away from the medical device.
  • Consult your doctor or the manufacturer of the pacemaker for additional information regarding its effects with magnets.

Will the magnets erase credit cards? What impact will it have on my phone/tablet/ laptop if too close?

  • We recommend keeping credit cards away from the magnetic parts of the blender.
  • We don’t anticipate any issues with the magnets in the blender base or the blender pitcher creating any interference issues with phones, laptops, or other electronic devices.
  • However, it is not advisable to put any sensitive electronic equipment directly in contact with the blender base or blender pitcher.

 Interactions between magnets and piercings?

  • The types of materials used in the typical ear and body piercings are not magnetic or have a very small level of magnetic material.

 Are the magnets accessible? Are they a risk for my children?

  • The magnets are not accessible and are completely contained within the unit.
  • There is no risk of the magnets being “blended”.

 Will the magnets ever rust?

  • No – the area is sealed off completely so no water will get in.

 Will the magnets pollute my dishwasher/etc.?

  • No – the area is sealed off completely so they will not interact with anything on the outside.

Do magnets impact the nutrient content of food?

There is nothing that indicates the magnetic force of the product has any impact on the foods and liquids inside the pitcher, e.g. nutritional content, taste, etc.

Will the magnets in the pitcher be attracted to other metal items?

  • Yes; it’s important to ensure there is no small magnetic debris on the bottom of the pitcher or on the platform where the pitcher stands before inserting the pitcher and using the blender.
  •  It might also attract metal utensils (e.g. forks and knives) in very close proximity (within 2 inches) and will also be attracted to stainless steel countertops and sinks.
    • With all of these situations, only a small amount of effort is needed to separate the items.  

Do the magnets lose their magnetism over time? With heat?

No, these magnets do not lose magnetism over time or within the heat levels, it will face through normal usage and dishwasher cleaning.

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