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Brew Basket Overflowing - Automatic Coffee Maker

Possible Solutions

Is the carafe in the correct location?

Make sure the carafe is completely within the warming plate rings and not slightly on the edge.

Could it be the filter?

Make sure to use only one filter. Use the gold-tone filter or one paper filter, but never use both together, or two paper filters

Is the brew basket in place?

Make sure to use the removable brew basket (not the gold tone filter), and that it is fully inserted. Firmly push the brew basket in place before inserting the carafe. Without this removable black brew basket in place, the drip stop (pause and pour feature) will not work properly leading to overflow and leaking of coffee. 

Is the grind the right size?

If grinding your own coffee, too fine a grind setting will restrict water flow and could cause brew basket overflow. If this should occur,  select a coarser grind setting.

If these suggestions did not help, please Contact Us.



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