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Leaking from Carafe/Warming Plate Area - Automatic Coffee Maker

Possible Solutions

Was the carafe removed? 

The “Pause and Pour” feature enables you to remove the carafe from the Coffee Maker and pour a cup of coffee before brewing is finished. When the carafe is removed, a special valve stops the flow of coffee from the brew basket. However, brewing does not stop. If the carafe is not placed back in the Coffee Maker within 25 seconds, water and coffee grounds will overflow the brew basket.

Does the coffee maker need to be cleaned?

If there is a small amount of leaking when the carafe is removed, the Drip Stop may need to be cleaned.  Wash the brew basket with soapy water. Make sure to open the drip stop on the bottom of the brew basket to clean the seal surface from any grit or coffee grounds as this may be causing the leak.