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Tips for Great Results - Automatic Coffee Maker

How to make a great cup of KitchenAid coffee:

Quick Tips

Fresh Coffee Beans: Truly great coffee can only come from fresh coffee beans. To preserve the freshness of your beans, keep them in an opaque, airtight container and store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not recommended since condensation tends to form on the beans whenever the container is opened. Freezing can help preserve beans stored for an extended period, but it will also impair flavor. 

The Right Grind: The best cup of coffee comes from coffee beans that are properly ground just before brewing. When grinding, be sure to grind your coffee to a medium grind level, the appropriate grind for automatic drip Coffee Makers. Look for KitchenAid® Coffee Grinders at your local retailer or online at 

The Proper Amount of Ground Coffee: Using the right dosage for coffee and water is critical for obtaining great results. Use the markings provided in the gold-tone filter and the dosage guide at the back of the water tank as a reference and adjust as per taste. Finer grinds usually require less coffee but may also produce bitterness and clog the filter. For weaker coffee, brew using the suggested dosage of coffee grounds and water, then dilute with hot water. This maximizes flavor and minimizes bitterness. 

Brew Water Purity: Great tasting coffee starts with freshwater. The removable water tank is easy to fill with water to give you great tasting coffee every time. It's also easy to clean so you can always make your coffee with the freshest water. Where local water is extremely poor, you may wish to use bottled water. Do not use distilled water or mineral water since they can damage your Coffee Maker. 

Coffee Maker Cleanliness: Since the coffee oils that build upon the brew basket and carafe can go stale and impair the flavor of the brewed coffee, it's important that these two items are cleaned daily in order to make the best-tasting coffee.