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KitchenAid Product Help

A-9 Coffee Mill Burr Adjustment, Removal, Replacement and Cleaning

The A-9 Coffee Mill is a replica unit of the original A-9 Coffee Mill designed by famed industrial designer Egmont Arens in 1938.

  • The flowing curves of metal and glass embodied a new age of performance, and delighted homemakers everywhere with style and convenience.
  • The original unit was Discontinued in 1947.
  • In 2003, KitchenAid again began to produce the A-9 Coffee Mill in Greenville, Ohio. While the unit looks very similar to the original unit, not all parts are interchangeable.


Some models have removable burrs, while others do not.  

How do you know if your model has removable burrs?

To help determine if yours does, look at the back of the base.

  •  If you see a screw in the middle of the back base, yours has removable burrs, which allows you to take it apart and clean it.
  •  If you look on the bottom of the burr grinder, there will also be a "1" after the model number of KCG200.


BCG100 p.1.png