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Brew Basket Overflow

Brew Basket Overflow

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If your brew basket is overflowing, there are several things you can check:

  • Make sure the carafe is completely within the warming plate rings and not slightly on the edge
  • Make sure to use the removable brew basket (not the gold tone filter), and that it is fully inserted.
    • Firmly push the brew basket in place before inserting the carafe.
      • Without this removable black brew basket in place, the drip stop will not work properly leading to overflow and leaking of coffee. 
  • Make sure to use only one filter
    • Use the gold tone filter or one paper filter
    • Never use both together, or two paper filters


  •  Made sure that the drip stop opening is clean and free of obstructions so the coffee can flow through the hole.


Automatic drip coffee makers require a medium grind.

  • If you use fine grinds they can clog the filter and lead to an overflow.

  • Using coarse or fine grounds can also affect the flow rate of the water, which impacts the taste of the coffee, and can lead to weak or bitter coffee.

  • If these suggestions did not help, please Contact Us or visit our Service Locator.
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