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KitchenAid Product Help

Cold Brew Troubleshooting

If your KitchenAid ®Cold Brew Coffee Maker should fail to operate as expected, please check the following:

If coffee is too bold:

Grind your coffee at a coarser grind level, and/or steep for less time.

  • The Cold Brew Coffee Maker produces a coffee concentrate.
  • To serve at the proper strength, dilute your coffee concentrate with water or any dairy/dairy-free milk of your choice.

If coffee is too weak:

Either grind your beans to a finer consistency, or brew for more time.

  • Cold Brew coffee uses more coffee to brew than other methods.
  • Make certain you use at least 250 grams of coarsely ground coffee to brew.
    • The grounds should come close to touching the fill guide line on the steeper.
  • Kitchenaid recommends using the Burr Grinder Scale Jar to weigh your coffee.

If coffee tastes bitter or unpleasant after use:

Taste can be impacted if the Cold Brew Coffee Maker isn't thoroughly cleaned.

  • Make certain that all soap, grounds, and oily residue are thoroughly rinsed off of all parts after each use.

Leaking from underneath:

It is important that the seal does not get wrinkled or rolled up upon disassembling and reassembling.  

  • The seal should lay flat and stick out a equal amount on each side. (be centered over the opening).


Cold Brew Seal.png


(W11084605G Coffee Drain Outlet/Seal Assembly)


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