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Taste or Performance Concerns- Cold Brew

Possible Solutions

Coffee is too bold?

If your cold brew coffee is too bold, grind your coffee at a coarser grind level, and/or steep for less time. The Cold Brew Coffee Maker produces a coffee concentrate. To serve at the proper strength, dilute your coffee concentrate with water or any dairy/dairy-free milk of your choice.

Coffee is too weak?

If your cold brew coffee is too weak, either grind your beans to a finer consistency or brew for more time. Cold Brew coffee uses more coffee to brew than other methods. Ensure you use at least 250 grams of coarsely ground coffee to brew The grounds should come close to touching the fill guideline on the steeper. Kitchenaid recommends using the Burr Grinder Scale Jar to weigh your coffee.

Coffee tastes bitter or unpleasant after use?

Taste can be impacted if the Cold Brew Coffee Maker isn't thoroughly cleaned. Make certain that all soap, grounds, and oily residue are thoroughly rinsed off of all parts after each use.

Are grounds present in the brewed coffee?

It is important to use the correct size grind for the type of coffee maker.  A coarse grind is recommended.  If the grind is too fine, you may see grounds in the coffee.

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