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Not Brewing Coffee - Automatic Coffee Maker

Possible Solution

Is the Auto Brew feature turned on? 

The auto brew feature allows you to set your coffee maker to turn on at a specific time.  If this feature is turned on it will not make coffee till that time. 

To set Auto Brew

  • Press the Auto Set button one time. The Auto indicator light will flash and the time display will change to the currently set Auto Set time (12:00 A.M. is the default time).
  • To set the time the Coffee Maker should begin brewing: Press the Hour button. The hour digits will change with each press; or press and hold to scroll rapidly. Next, press the Minute button. The hour setting will stay solid and the minute setting will begin to blink. To save the Auto set time and exit set-up: Press any other button or do not press any button for 10 seconds. The Auto indicator will remain lit and the time display will go back to the current time.

Does the tank have water? 

Fill the Water Tank with only the amount of water needed to brew your desired number of cups. If you put in 12 cups of water, the Coffee Maker will brew all 12 cups. Pour fresh water in the Water Tank. Use the level markings. Then, close the lid properly

Is the Brew Basket inserted correctly? 

  • Raise the Brew Basket lid and remove the Brew Basket.
  • Insert the Gold Tone permanent filter or cone paper filter into the Brew Basket.
  • Place the basket into the Coffee Maker aligning with the slot. Be sure the brew basket lid is fully closed before brewing.

Is the Carafe seated properly? 

Ensure the Carafe lid is in place and the bottom of the Carafe is fully seated.



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