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How to Froth Milk Using Steam Mode - Espresso Maker

Using the Steam Mode for Milk Froth

  1. Toggle the "Mode" Button to select Steam. The machine will automatically start heating, indicated by the flashing "Steam" light. The Steam light will go solid when the machine is ready for steaming.

select Steam_semiautomatic espresso machine.JPG

  1. Fill the Milk pitcher with the desired amount of cold milk.
    TIP: Fill to the bottom of the pour spout.

Fill the Milk pitcher_semiautomatic espresso machine.JPG

  1. Angle the Steam Wand towards the Drip Tray or into a cup. Press the  playstop button_semiautomatic espresso.JPG button to start. Once the water turns to steam, press the playstop button_semiautomatic espresso.JPG button to stop.

Angle the Steam Wand towards the tray_semiautomatic espresso machine.JPG

  1. Adjust the Steam Wand to a desirable position. Submerge the tip of the Steam Wand just below the surface of milk in the Milk pitcher.

Adjust the Steam Wand to desirable position_semiautomatic espresso machine.JPG

  1. Press the playstop button_semiautomatic espresso.JPG button to initiate the steam. Froth until the desired level of foam and temperature is reached. To stop the steam, press the playstop button_semiautomatic espresso.JPG button again.
    To avoid splattering, wait until the steam stops before removing the Steam Wand from the milk.

Press start button to initiate the steam_semiautomatic espresso machine.JPG

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