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Brew Temperature and Times - Personal Coffee

Possible Solutions

Are the Brew Times too long or short?

A regular KitchenAid®  coffee makers brew a full pot in about 9-11 minutes, whereas the personal size coffee maker takes approximately 4-1/2 minutes. If your coffee maker is taking longer to brew than usual at your desired setting, it is possible that it needs to be descaled. 

Coffee too hot or cold? 

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) states that the average brew temperature of the water leaving the showerhead should be between 197.6 ° - 204.8 ° F (92 – 96 ° C).  KitchenAid coffee makers fall within that range and produce a nice, hot cup of coffee.

 The temperature of the coffee coming out of the brew basket will be an average of around 192° F (89° C)

  • The temperature will be lower at the beginning of the brew cycle as the water brings the coffee grounds and brew-basket insert up to temperature.
  • This temperature will also be lower, the higher the elevation of the user, due to the reduction in the boiling point of water.



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