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A-9 Coffee Mill Burr Adjustment, Removal, Replacement and Cleaning

How to Clean KitchenAid A-9 Coffee Mill

The A-9 Coffee Mill is a replica unit of the original A-9 Coffee Mill designed by famed industrial designer Egmont Arens in 1938.

  • The flowing curves of metal and glass embodied a new age of performance and delighted homemakers everywhere with style and convenience.
  • The original unit was Discontinued in 1947.
  • In 2003, KitchenAid again began to produce the A-9 Coffee Mill in Greenville, Ohio. While the unit looks very similar to the original unit, not all parts are interchangeable.

Some models have removable burrs, while others do not.  

How Do You Know If Your Model Has Removable Burrs?

To help determine if yours does, look at the back of the base.

  • If you see a screw in the middle of the back base, yours has removable burrs, which allows you to take it apart and clean it. 
  • If you look at the bottom of the burr grinder, there will also be a "1" after the model number of KCG200.

Cleaning the Coffee Mill

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Warning.jpg

The Burrs in the -1 model Coffee Mill can be removed periodically for cleaning. Keeping the burrs free of residue build-up will extend the motor life of your Model KCG200 Coffee Mill as well as keeping them sharp for a precision grind. You must understand the interior parts of the unit before you begin removing the burrs for cleaning.

 Cleaning the Coffee Mill_01.jpg

  1. Unplug the coffee mill.
  2. Grasp the jar assembly securely and unscrew it from the motor housing by turning the jar assembly counterclockwise. Set the jar assembly aside. 

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_2.jpg

  1. Locate the removable burr set screw on the back of the Coffee Mill. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, turn the screw counter-clockwise to loosen and remove the screw. 

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_3.jpg

  1. Make sure that you do not attempt to remove the finger guard shown here. 

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_4.jpg

  1. Turn the grind adjustment ring counterclockwise several rotations and remove it from the base. The stationary burr is located on the bottom of the grind ring.

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_5.jpg

  1. Lift the rotating burr out of the motor housing. 

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_6.jpg

  1. Use the burr cleaning brush to clean the rotating burr and the stationary burr, which is mounted on the bottom of the grind ring. (Note: Never wash the burrs in water. Keep them dry at all times.) 

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_7.jpg

  1. After cleaning the rotating burr, place it back onto the motor shaft. Be sure to line up the drive slot on the bottom of the burr with the drive pin on the motor shaft.

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_8.jpg

  1. Rotate the rotating burr slowly to be sure that the drive slot on the burr is in place on the drive pin on the motor shaft. When correctly positioned, the motor shaft will turn when the rotating burr is turned. 

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_9.jpg

  1. Place the grind adjustment ring onto the motor housing. Tighten the grind adjustment ring by applying downward pressure and turning clockwise several rotations until the grind adjustment ring cannot be turned any further. 

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_10.jpg

  1. To set the grind properly, rotate the grind adjustment ringback counterclockwise until the selection arrow on the baselines matches the "M" in the Medium grind selection.

 Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_11.jpg

  1. Replace the set screw and tighten it with a Phillips head screwdriver. 

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_12.jpg

  1. Plugin coffee mill. 
  2. Test the unit for proper operation at each grind setting. If you cannot operate the unit when it is set to "Fine", then remove the set screw and turn the grind adjustment ring back counterclockwise one more full turn until the selection arrow on the baselines up with the "M" in the Medium grind selection again. Replace the set screw and re-test the unit at all grind selections again. It should turn easily into all grind settings. 
  3. Replace the bean hopper. The Coffee Mill is now ready for use.

Cleaning the Coffee Mill_Step_15.jpg

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