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1-4 Cup and Bold Features

Features of KitchenAid Coffee maker

1-4 Cup Feature

NOTE: Brew one pot of fresh, cool water and discard before brewing the first pot of coffee.

  1. Press MODE once. The indicator will change from "Reg" to "1-4 Cup".
  2. Press the BREW button. One beep will sound, and the "Brew" icon will light up. The light will stay on throughout the brew cycle and will stay lit throughout the Warm cycle.
    NOTE: When the Brew cycle is complete, the "1-4 Cup" icon will turn off, and the Coffee Maker will change back to the "Reg" setting.
  3. The Coffee Maker will beep 3 times when the Brew cycle is complete, then will automatically initiate the 2-hour Warm cycle. After the Warm cycle completes, one long beep will sound.
  4. To cancel 1-4 Cup brewing: Press MODE twice. The display will first show "Clean", then "REG". The 1-4 Cup brewing cycle will be canceled.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 to brew additional carafes of coffee. Always turn off the Coffee Maker and allow it to cool for 5 minutes before starting the next brew cycle.
    NOTE: If no button is pressed after the "1-4 Cup" mode is selected, the 1-4 Cup brewing cycle will be canceled after 10 seconds.

This feature is designed for those who only want 1-4 cups of coffee at a time. 

  • It allows for the output coffee to be the correct flavor when compared to a larger amount.
  • The heating element pulses on and off to allow for the water to be hotter and allow for the water that sprays onto the coffee grounds to stay in contact with the grounds longer so more coffee can be dissolved in the water. 
  • It increases the strength of the coffee at the lower volumes of water input. 

Bold Feature

The Coffee Maker can be programmed to brew coffee at a Regular (REG) or Bold (BOLD) strength (the default brew strength is Regular).

To program and activate the "Bold" mode setting:

  1. Press the STRENGTH button to select the "Bold" indicator.
  • The heating element is pulsed to slow down the rate at which the water goes through the brew cycle but keeps it at the same temperature. 
  • This increases the amount of time the water is in contact with the grounds and enhances extraction. 
  • This results in great extraction and more dissolved solids in the coffee, making it bolder tasting.

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