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Multipurpose Blade Troubleshooting - Food Chopper

Possible Solutions

Is the Chopper Plugged In?

Ensure the chopper is plugged in. Check your outlet. If your food chopper does not turn on, try another outlet and make sure the breaker has not tripped.

Is the Blade Installed Correctly?

Make sure to press down firmly on the top of the blade until it "locks" into place.  It will chop even if not fully locked into place, but not as uniformly, and it may stop during processing, or not turn as well.

Is the Blade or Shaft Worn or Damaged?

Turn the multipurpose blade over and examine the underside. If a piece of plastic is worn or missing, that will prevent it from engaging with the power shaft. It may turn while there is no load, but it may not process foods.

If the blade or food processor shaft is damaged, please Contact Us.




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