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Assembling the Food Processor

How to Assemble the Food Processor

Before using your Food Processor for the first time, wash all parts and accessories either by hand or in the dishwasher.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to clean the base and attachments of a food processor.
NOTE: Your Food Processor is designed so that all accessories may be stored inside the Work Bowl.

  1. Lift up the Lid Latch to unlock the Cover. Tilt the Work Bowl Cover back and lift it straight up so that the Lid Hinge pulls out of the Handle Hinge.


  1. Remove all parts and accessories from the Work Bowl, and lift the Food Pusher out of the Feed Tube.


IMPORTANT: Place the Food Processor on a dry, level countertop with the controls facing forward. Do not plug in the Food Processor until it is completely assembled.

  1. Place the Work Bowl on the Base, aligning the Handle with the raised button on the right side of the Base. The Bowl will click into place and should be flush against the Base when properly aligned.


  1. Place the Drive Adapter in the Work Bowl, lowering it onto the Drive Pin.


NOTE: For ease of assembly, install the desired Blade or Disc before attaching the Work Bowl Cover.

  1. To attach the Work Bowl Cover, hook the Lid Hinge into the Handle Hinge on the Work Bowl and close the Cover.


  1. Once the Work Bowl Cover is closed, push the Lid Hinge down into the locked position.


NOTE: Your Food Processor will not operate unless the Work Bowl Cover is fully closed and the Work Bowl is properly seated on the Base.

CLICK HERE to watch the video of How to Assemble the New 9 Cup Food Processor.

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