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Dicing Kit and Storage Case Concerns - Food Processor

Possible Solutions

The KitchenAid® Dicing Kit Accessory for the 13, 14, and 16 Cup Food Processors slices then dices hard or soft fruits and vegetables for uniform cubes every time. The dicing kit cover with the feed tube works as both a dicing kit storage case cover as well as a work bowl lid for your food processor.

Was the wrong feed tube used? 

The dicing kit can only be used with a regular size feed tube  (as shown).   The Dicing Kit comes with select 13 and 14 cup model regular mouth food processors and may include a dicing kit cover with a regular feed tube. If your model comes with a wide mouth feed tube, it can also be purchased separately.

Was the dicing kit properly assembled? 

Make sure to gather the following parts prior to assembling the dicing kit: Dicing kit cover, dicing blade, dicing kit base, disc adapter,  and drive adapter. Follow the below directions for proper assembly. 

CLICK HERE to watch a video on proper assembly

IMPORTANT: The work bowl cover must be securely in place or the food processor will not turn on.

Installing the Dicing Kit.jpg

Was the dicing grid properly assembled?  

Make sure to place the dicing grid properly, with the grid edge flush side UP in order to fit properly in the food processor work bowl, and storage case.

  • If it is installed upside down, the food processor will not turn on, and the storage case will not close.  You will see embossed numbers and letters on the underside of the dicing grid.  These should not be visible if assembled properly.
  • To reinsert it into the storage case, place the grid, flush side UP in the case, matching the notches to the indentations to enable the storage case lid to engage. 
  • TIP:  Align the grid with the cleanout handle stored beneath to ensure it is properly placed in the case. You should be able to see the entire handle of the cleanout tool beneath the grid if stored properly.

Unable to Remove the Lid?

To remove the lid from the dicing kit, place your thumb on the indentation, and slide to the LEFT to release the lid and lift UP to remove. The lid may be slightly difficult to remove when new but will become easier with use.

KFP13DC12 Parts opening case.jpg



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