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Work Bowl Cover Will Not Close - Food Processor

Possible Solutions

CLICK HERE for troubleshooting on Compactor Food Processors

Is the Slicing or Shredding Disc being used? 

When using a slicing or shredding disc make sure the disc is fully seated on the food processor shaft.  Push down and twist to make sure it drops into place, to allow the work bowl cover to close.

Is the Mini or Chef's Bowel being used?

Use only the mini multipurpose blade with the mini work bowl. Mini work bowls cannot use slicing or shredding discs. Some models have a chef's bowl which is larger than a mini bowl. Slicing and shredding discs can be used with the chef's bowl.

Is the Red Seal Interfering? 

Some models have a red seal on the work bowl cover which can make it a little more difficult to attach the lid. The red seal prevents liquids from leaking out of the work bowl. Putting a small amount of olive oil on the lid will help make it easier to close the lid. If you are not processing liquids, the seal can be removed.

Food processor red seal.png