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Water or Food Stuck Inside Handle of Work Bowl

What should you do if food or water is inside the KitchenAid Food Processor?

Occasionally, water and/or food particles get inside the small drainage hole at the bottom of the Work Bowl Handle. This occurs most frequently when the Work Bowl is soaked in a sink full of soapy water. It can also happen if the Work Bowl has been washed in the Dishwasher with un-rinsed dishes.

The water will typically evaporate with time, although sometimes food particles remain inside the handle. To help prevent this from occurring,  hold the handle of the Work Bowl while washing it, and do not submerge it in the water.

Food Processor Work Bowl.png


  • Wash and dry the Work Bowl in the sink right away rather than soaking it in the water.
  • If cleaned in the dishwasher, do not combine with un-rinsed dishes. The dishwasher's spraying should help dislodge the food particles.
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