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Hand Mixer Accessories

Accessories for KitchenAid® Hand mixer

All KitchenAid® ​ hand mixers come with general-purpose beaters.

Some models come with additional accessories. If your model did not come with them, they are available for purchase. All KitchenAid® accessories fit all models manufactured after 1995. There are several types of replacement beaters available.

They handle thick dough and mashed potatoes without stalling. The beaters have no center post, so ingredients will not collect there, making for easier cleanup.

Turbo Beaters 

Found on all KitchenAid hand mixers before 2013 and many current models.

Hand Mixer Beaters.jpg

Turbo II Beaters

Replacement beater option with 30% heavier wires. Standard on select models. Available as replacement beaters for all models manufactured after 1995.

Turbo II Beaters.jpg


For whisking cream and egg whites faster than regular turbo beaters.

Hand Mixer Whisk Upright.jpg

Liquid Blending Rod

For mixing powdered drinks.

Hand Mixer Liquid Blending Rod.jpg

Dough Hooks:

For kneading yeast breads.

Hand Mixer Dough Hooks.jpg

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