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Inserting the Beaters - Hand Mixer

Installing the Beaters for the KitchenAid Hand Mixer

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the Speed controller is at "O" position before attaching and removing the beaters.

Inserting Beaters

KitchenAid® hand mixer beater are designed to be inserted in a specific manner to work together to incorporate ingredients best. On the underside of the hand mixer, there is a diagram that shows which beater goes in which opening. One beater has a "collar," and the other does not.  The diagram depicts how to properly insert the "collared" and "uncollared" beaters.

Beater Insertion Diagram.jpg Collared and Uncollared beaters.jpg

When Using a Pair of Accessories Beaters

  1. Insert the accessory shaft with the collar (A) into the larger opening (D) of the hand mixer as shown below.  Align the flanges on the shaft with the slots in the opening. Push to lock into place.
  2. Insert the accessory without a collar (B) into the smaller opening (C). Align and push to lock into place. Both the Stainless steel turbo beatersTM II will click in.

Beater Insertion.jpg

Using a Single Beater

An accessory shaft without a collar may be used in either opening (C or D). Those with a collar may only be used in the larger opening (D).

To Remove Accessories

  1. Press the Ejector Button (E) to release the accessories from the Hand Mixer, then remove them.

Hand mixer beater removal.jpg

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