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Why do KitchenAid Hand Mixers Not Have Wattage on the Box?

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KitchenAid® hand mixers do not have wattage listed on the box for a reason.

Wattage is not the best indicator of power.  Simply picking the highest wattage on the box does not mean you are purchasing the most powerful hand mixer.

Many hand mixers have a high wattage number, but do not perform well

  • Most hand mixers have AC (alternating current) motors.
  • KitchenAid®  hand mixers have DC (direct current) motors.

There is no way to compare AC to DC motors, as they are completely different.

DC motors are:

  • 20% more powerful
  • quieter
  • lighter weight
  • lower wattage
  • energy efficient
  • Use only the power necessary to mix the product
    • e.g.  :  less power for thin batters
    • more power for thick cookie doughs and mashed potatoes

KitchenAid® hand mixers are consistently rated very highly in consumer tests.

They handle thick doughs and mashed potatoes without stalling.

The beaters have no center post, which means that ingredients will not collect there, making for easier cleanup.

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