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Tips for Kneading Bread - Hand Mixer

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Kneading Bread

Some model hand mixers come with dough hooks.  If your model did not come with them, they could be purchased separately. If kneading bread, you should use the dough hooks only - never the regular beaters.

How much flour can I knead?

There is no maximum amount of flour concerning making cookies, cakes, etc., in a household setting, since there is not a bowl constraint, meaning that you move the mixer around the bowl.   It is not intended for commercial use.   It is recommended, however, that if making bread, that you do not make more than single batches, which usually take about 3-1/2 cups of flour.

How long should I knead?

Refer to your Owner's Manual for the proper speed for making bread,  which can vary depending upon how many speeds your mixer model has. It is not recommended to knead for more than six minutes in a hand mixer.  



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