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How to Use the Cordless Vacuum

IMPORTANT: Make sure the Battery is charged before using.

1. Make sure that the Power button (clipboard_ea540f0b174ac60eaaf420297d086ea50.png) is off before attaching the Battery.

2. Insert the Battery on the Battery slot located underneath of the appliance, making sure it is aligned. The LED will light and display the Battery level for five seconds, then turn off.

Insert battery-2.png

3. Insert the Filter and Screen Assembly into the Dirt Cup. Twist the Dirt Cup onto the Vacuum Base to lock into place.

Insert the Filter-3.png

4. Attach either the Crevice Tool or the Wide Angle Tool for cleaning.

Crevice Tool-4.png

5. Press the Power button (clipboard_ea540f0b174ac60eaaf420297d086ea50.png) to turn the unit ON at a normal speed and to active Boost function press and hold the BOOST button.

Press the Power Button-5.png

6. Release BOOST Button to go back to normal speed and press the Power button (clipboard_ea540f0b174ac60eaaf420297d086ea50.png) again to turn the unit off.

NOTE: While the unit is off, press and hold the Power button (clipboard_ea540f0b174ac60eaaf420297d086ea50.png) to turn the Cordless Hand Vacuum ON at BOOST speed.

NOTE: Only use the Cordless Hand Vacuum on dry items. Do not use the Vacuum to clean wet messes.

NOTE: The Cordless Vacuum is not intended to clean fine powders. Fine powder quickly clogs Filter leading to performance loss. If performance loss occurs, inspect and clean Filter.

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