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Types of Bakeware - Countertop Oven

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What type of bakeware should be used?

Bakeware made of metal, oven-safe glass, ceramic, or silicone is acceptable.

What size bakeware should I use?

Be sure to use the appropriately sized bakeware. The bakeware must allow adequate air circulation, will enable the door to close completely and not come too close to the heating elements. The broil pan included with the oven is the largest pan or baking sheet size that should be used in the oven to allow for air circulation. It is suitable for all broiling as well as baking items such as cookies, rolls, biscuits, nachos, and pork chops. There should be at least 1" of air space between the top of the container and the upper heating elements.

List of recommended bakeware:

  • 9 " round or square cake pan
  • 6-cup muffin pan
  • Small baking sheets
  • 1 or 2 quarts round, square, and rectangular casserole dishes

NOTE:  Do not use glass lids in the Countertop Oven.

Additional Tips

  • It is essential that baking food not come too close to the heating elements during the cycle. For this reason, baking quick breads in a loaf pan or mini-loaf pan does not work well. As the dough rises near or over the top of the pan, it comes too close to the upper heating elements and will burn on the top while remaining doughy in the middle.
  • Remove all plastic and/or paper wrappings from foods before cooking.
  • If baking a packaged convenience food check package directions to determine if the container is suitable for use in a regular oven.


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