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Bagel Function - Air Fryer

Using the Bagel Function

In Bagel mode, the oven distributes power between the top and bottom heating elements to nicely brown the top of cut bagels while gently warming the outside.

  1. Set the function knob to Bagel. Shade and slices will display.


  1. Open the door and place the food in the center of the rack. Close the door.

  1. The shade icon starts flashing. Rotate the temperature or timer knob to adjust the shade. Press the knob to select slices. The slices icon will starts flashing. If desired, rotate the temperature or timer knob to change the number of slices. Press Start to begin the cycle.


  1. When the time has elapsed, the end signal will sound, and the Air Fryer will shut off automatically.

IMPORTANT: Always use oven mitts when removing pans or racks.

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